Burger me gently, baby! With those OMFG! LOWCARB! PUMPBUNS!!! (Pumpkin Burger Buns)

You of course cannot say that all men are working the same way. But there is one thing all of them want. More than everything else. And sometimes they act like foolish idiots just to get it. This one thing they cannot resist. They commit every sin for.

Burgers. All of them are totally addicted to burgers.

What were you thinking of, uh?

Unfortunately burgers are not the very best idea if it comes to clean eating. You need minced meat which usually contains a lot of fat (as far as you don’t devil it yourself and make sure you are using premium quality beef) and burger buns. No more words needed, are they?

While you can easily solve the beef-part it is a little more tricky to replace the bun with something tasty and healthy.

I did experiments with portobello mushrooms as well as protein-bread. It looked nice. But … äh … the boyfriend was not very delighted. He tried to flee. I needed to promise there would be no more portobello-experiments. Okay. Okay. Okay. When I recently baked a cake out of pumpkin-soup ;-) I started wondering …

… could it be possible to bake a bun by replacing flour with mashed pumpkin?

Lucky me I know a chef (Thank you!) who provided the right input.

Here we go!


What do you need?

  • 3 cups of pumpkin (butternut)
  • 1/2 cup of chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup of ground almond
  • 3 medium-sized eggs
  • 1 egg yolk
  • some baking soda
  • some salt, pepper & poison piment


What do you do?


  1. Skin the pumpkin and cut it into dices
  2. Place the pumpkin dices on a baking tray and bake it for 30 minutes at 180° (356F) and make sure it is getting a little bit dark
  3. Mash the pumpkin dices as long as they are still warm
  4. Therefore place the pumpkin dices into a hair sieve so that all waste water can flush out. You need to make sure that the mashed pumpkin is as “dry” as possible
  5. Add the three eggs, the baking soda, the almonds and the chia seeds
  6. Knead! Knead! Knead! If the dough seems to sticky, add more seeds



  1. Let the dough rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes
  2. Form buns and place them on a pan liner on the baking tray
  3. Coat the buns with the egg yolk and bake them for 30 minutes at 180° (356F)


An awesome scent spreaded into the kitchen!

I was very nervous because I was unsure everything would work out. When I smelled that scent I knew they would be DIVALICIOUS. And they were.

Have a look on that awesome texture inside:


This is my second experiment in baking with pumpkin. I am getting devoted to pumpkin. I thing it is the perfect baking-ingredient because it is totally easy to get ridiculous smooth-tasty-and-fluffy doughs!


You wont get the whole recipe for what I put on the burger. It wasn’t the perfect match. I had to used filled of pork because I run out of minced meat. Nevertheless I am still experimenting with minced-meat-alternatives and wanted to try it. Another idea was using savoy instead of salad. I think this one worked out fine.

You can eat it. But when it comes to burger creations  this one will not become one of our favourites (Boyfriend says: taste was fine but he could hardly eat the burger) – except for the burger bun.

My boyfriend said the pumpkin bun (pumpbun) was delicious!


Finally, the Food Couture!

Ignore the shit on the burger. Focus on those totally beautiful buns. I devoured one myself. So nom nom nom. But you have to notice that you cannot eat more than one of these burgers – no matter what the topping is. The buns are very very very rich. You will be full up within seconds.


If it had been some weeks later … I could have painted some halloween-pumpkin eyes on the top of the bun :-)


In this picture you can see the color.
It looks like a little sunrise :-)

And now … let’s start the era of healthy burgers!


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